Friday, August 31, 2007

Veggie Immersion

Tomorrow we are heading up to Oracle to learn about The Station. It's a bio-fuel-community center sort of place. It's all still part of our pre-tour research & planning. After interviewing the founder and some of the folks who hang out there in the morning, we are heading up to Mesa to drop the truck off at the Veggie Garage for a tune up to get it all ready for the big trip.

This week we had some work done on the truck, new idle arm, new transmission pan since it was leaking pretty bad, bought new road tires to replace the worn all terrain ones that came with it. We also changed out three of the filters. Two were completely full and nasty.

We've also ordered a two-hour DVD called Liquid Gold II from Golden Fuels Systems. It comes highly recommended as a key learning tool in all things veggie oil.

We've been told by our mechanic and a guy with an rv shop that the camper is a little old school. Well, that's not exactly what they said. "You should take that thing to the dump and toss it over the side," was more what the rv dude said. He was a little extreme in most everything he said ("This would cost $6,000 to fix the side," "Take it to Mexico, someone there might touch it."), so I didn't really trust his opinion fully. They were both concerned about it safely staying hooked on. The veggie oil has leaked all over the sides and has softened the wood, making the bolts securing it more likely to come loose. And the camper is from 1979. So we are also consulting with some handyfolk to secure this a bit more before painting and artsy-fying the whole thing. More on that when we get back.


tamie said...

So how is your learning experience going? This camper definitely sounds like one adventure after another. Keep hanging in there! I definitely respect all that you two are doing.

Mary said...

Wow! I never thought you could fuel a vehicle with grease! How wonderful. You go, girls!