Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Friday Take Off

It is nearing midnight.

We are just back from picking up the truck at the veggie mechanic near Phoenix. $598 later it has better electrical wiring. The mechanic said it could use a new veggie fuel pump. Which may explain why it now doesn't seem to run on veggie oil at speeds over 40 miles per hour.

We are planing to drive out on diesel on Friday and get a new fuel pump down the road. Our first stop is Elephant Butte Lake in New Mexico, on our way to a retreat center to interview some young adults who are working/interning there.

Tomorrow we'll clean the camper, stuff our things in. Maybe give it some paint. Take the rest of our stuff to storage. Try to finish up final changes for a freelance client on an annual report. Try to do some last minute phone calls and paper shuffling to get our health insurance in place. We currently don't have any. We started applying for it way over a month ago.

We also don't have a place for the pets. There's one more possible home for Perry the cat to check out. And we can only hope Kate's dad will let the dogs stay in Colorado for a while.

What's done is done. What's left undone is left undone. This day is over. It is time to rest.

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