Monday, June 2, 2008

June 7 Learning Party

Saturday is another chance to hear about our research and insights into the ways church is transforming today. Some call it the emerging church. Though it's bigger than that. Some call it alternative worship. That's a part, but just the beginning. We'll help you understand and cut through the buzz words.

We traveled 5,000 miles and conducted dozens of interviews in the fall. We talked to church leaders, folks who fled for the hills out of churches, and still others who were limping around in the hills trying to find others to build something new. We talked to vegans and artists. Professors and spiritual entrepreneurs.

We noticed some trends. We learned a lot. And now we are back in Tucson living into some spiritual experiments.

Saturday, June 7, is a chance to encounter some of the communities we studied via photos and stories. We've got video and interactive stations to give you a glimpse of the creative spirit that is a foot.

Come join us Saturday.
4 to 6 pm,
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church:
545 S. 5th Ave., Tucson

See you there!

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