Friday, May 16, 2008


Recently we re-met some folks who've also been dreaming about community.

At the beginning of the month we went to a supper to hear about a potential new, national ecumenical order for peace that is stirring.

About 25 people came. Mostly youngish. We all shared our dreams and longings for re-imagining Christian community in life giving ways.

From that gathering we re-connected with some people we had sort of met before. But come to find out they've been thinking/dreaming/planning some of the same things we have. So naturally we invited them over for supper the following week. We've met twice now and will again next week. The fun has begun.

We all long for a community to pray with daily, and to share the daily tasks of cooking, gardening, child raising, so that we are freed to do the things we are called to in the world. We want to live in a neighborhood and be good neighbors. And to work toward making our community a more just and peaceful place together.

It is good to feel in the flow of a longing and vision much bigger and deeper than us alone. I think that's called the Holy Spirit doing her thing. Happy Pentecost.

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