Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A life-giving vehicle?

We've spent a lot of time pondering and researching how we will go on our journey.

We want everything we do to be life giving. And so it is not enough to ask, what gives us life? We also are asking, what will give the earth life?

We thought for about two seconds about riding our bikes. But without a lot of logistics, support along the way, and major training, the trip would become more about getting places than being present to people once we got there.

For a while we thought an old Volkswagen camper van was the ticket. Some have beds and a fridge, stove, and sink. We even researched how to put a new turbo diesel engine in one and then convert it to run on vegetable oil fuel. This is still technically a possibility. We found one in Atlanta on the Internet. It's getting a new diesel engine this week. It's an 82, and the owner needs $11,500 to get his money back out of it. That's a lot to pay to drive around an old, loud van without power steering or air conditioning and without veggie oil conversion.

On Monday I was pretty frustrated about the whole vehicle situation. On Tuesday, Nate from Veggie Wheels in Venice California emailed with a brilliant idea.

Convert an old ambulance.

Most have heavy duty diesel engines and plenty of space. A friend of his did this and it worked great.

Built in "bookshelves," electrical outlets for the laptop.

We're pumped by the idea.

So, if anybody has an old diesel ambulance they'd like to get rid of, just let us know.

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