Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Saturday morning house party

Okay, so the party includes paint brushes and mops and scrubbing. But it will be great fun. Come on over to the new community house to say Hi and help out. We'll be working on the back porch where worship, meditation, and lots of gathering will happen. As well as the giant hall where potlucks of great delight will soon begin to flourish.

This coming Saturday and next we'll work and clean from 9:30 till noon. Saturday, March 7, we'll sell all our stuff that doesn't fit in the house at a yard sale. Come on over and lend a hand! We'd sure appreciate it.

Location is: 340 S. 3rd Ave. (South of downtown a few blocks).

The Restoration Project is now on Facebook: The Restoration Project, Tucson. Check out more there.

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